Public School

Welcome to SVEI Public School, where every voice is heard, every talent is cherished and every success is celebrated.

The family of SVEI Public School in Mysore is a vibrant, thriving, and diverse community of children, parents, and educators. We are one of the best CBSE schools in and around Mysore. We persistently strive to create an atmosphere of safety, harmony and cordiality where youngsters interact, share, and adapt themselves to varied backgrounds.

Our School has empowered students to step into the wider communities as confident and future-ready individuals,  able to take the world into their stride. Each child becomes environmentally conscious and enjoys nature with an abundance of trees and the chatter of a variety of birds enhances the joy of learning.

At SVEI Public School,  we place a profound emphasis on the holistic development of the body, mind, and spirit. Students are immersed in various celebrations and social events within the school environment. We firmly believe that such celebrations help students connect with diverse cultural beliefs and traditions.

Thank you for choosing SVEI Public School,  ” Where excellence is not just a goal, but a way of life”.