PU college

” Education is the passport to the future , for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.

Welcome to SVEI PU College where our mission is to provide a positive learning environment. We are committed to fostering an environment that inspires, innovates and discovers. The college campus provides a serene environment to the students. Our college provides an excellent learning environment with experienced and knowledgeable faculty , modern facilities and abundant  resources.

The classroom laboratories , auditorium , library and cafeteria are well equipped to provide all the facilities supporting the students activities.

Inspired by the profound wisom of the great Indian saint, Swami Vivkenanda, S.V.E.I. was established in 1998 under the vision of the ‘Annapoorneshwari Trust’ with the noble objective of providing education to all. Starting with a mere 8 students in the outskirts of Mysuru, it has grown into a prestigious institution encompassing primary, secondary, High School   based on the State and CBSE curriculum and expanded significantly with the  inauguration of S.V.E.I. Composite Pre-University College in 2005. The present campus is a magnificent structure spanning approximately 8.5 acres, providing fundamental amenities and housing around 2000 students, 120 experienced teachers, and 65 Non-Teaching staff members.

At S.V.E.I Composite PU College, we believe in nurturing young minds, fostering academic brilliance and preparing students for a future full of possibilities. As a leading Pre-University institution, we take pride in providing a transformative educational experience that goes beyond textbooks and examinations. Our institution with over 25 years of legacy, in nurturing the child’s scholastic needs, has always considered it prime to lay out education to all the needy students, at an affordable price in the Princely Royal City of Mysuru, since 1998. 

At S.V.E.I Composite PU College, we celebrate the achievements of our students. Our commitment to academic rigor and individual growth is reflected in the results our students achieve. We take pride in the success stories that emerge from our vibrant academic community. The college is steadfast, with its tremendous results every year, which is possible only because of the thought of providing education with a blend of familial environment, quenching the inquisitiveness. The college has also set the bar high by securing a cent percent in all the subjects.  Every year our centum scorers have added feather to our crown. Our students have also fared well in CET/NEET exams.

Beyond academics, we place a strong emphasis on holistic development. Our vibrant campus life, cultural activities, sports programs, and community engagement opportunities provide students with a well-rounded education that extends beyond the classroom.