Admission Process

First-come, first-served basis for admissions to all classes is subject to availability. All children are eligible for admission, regardless of their caste, religion, race, or community. 

The admission process is strictly based on age criteria and adheres to the rules and regulations of the CBSE boards.

Children who are seeking admission must be


Minimum 3 years of age


Minimum 4 year of age


Minimum 5 years of age and completion of L.K.G

1st Standard:

Minimum 6 years of age and completion of Nursery Education.

2nd Standard onwards:

Children must write an aptitude test and Produce certificates of the previous school.

Admission Procedure:

Step 1:

Pre-Application forms are issued and are needed to be submitted by a given date along with a copy of birth certificate.

Step 2:

Selection is strictly followed on the basis of candidate’s age, siblings if any, studying in the school, minority status, and proximity to the school.

Step 3:

Admission is confirmed only on payment of fees.

Step 4:

In all cases, the discretion of the Management is final and binding.