Greetings from S.V.E.I Primary School

“ Education is the manifestation of the divine perfection already in man”s

– Swami Vivekananda

Welcome to S.V.E.I (Swami Vivekananda Educational Institution). Our institution is named after the great spiritual leader Swami Vivekananda. He was not only a great spiritual leader but also modern India’s most popular icon. Our school is a synonymous to quality education. We provide a secure, caring and nurturing environment to enable students to develop the desire and passion for learning. Our extensive extra curricular program is built to take into account talent and interest in different disciplines such as sports, music, dance, aesthetics, etc.

Smt. Chethana N

Francis Bacon has said that knowledge itself is power, having ability to change everything. We in S.V.E.I believe that knowledge is within the individual. We aim at the holistic development of the child. In addition to our efforts to impart quality education, we also provide equal importance to value education and self-development.

We are committed to prepare life-long learners to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. S.V.E.I is the most adored school by the society . We consider parents to be our copartners in our endeavor to impart good quality education .With the team spirit and dedication of our teachers , unparalled support of the management and commitment of the students seeking education here, our Primary section has become a jewel in the crown of S.V.E.I.

Thank You