Greeting from S.V.E.I Nursery School

Education field is undergoing incredible changes in all its departments. However, Nursery education is an area where we have to apply our minds very carefully. Since it is the foundation on which a child builds up his life’s edifice. Today’s education aims at being globally accepted and knowledge of different languages is always considered as an asset. Introduction of four languages such as English, Kannada, Hindi and Sanskrit aims at achieving it.

Practical based teaching is the need of the hour because learning is fruitful when knowledge is applied in real life situations. So the best tool to inspire students is to share real life experience. We also teach our children the ways to treat others with love, care and respect and help them develop the understanding that actions have consequences. We show and teach our kids how to be gentle and compassionate.

We at S.V.E.I try to implement this method in our children’s studies with much success. We are confident that this will reap rich dividends by our children in their future life.

The whole purpose of Education is to turn Mirrors into windows.