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S.V.E.I. Composite PU College has organized a special program on ‘The Magic of the Mind’ – Memory and Concentration Improvement Program for I and II PUC students by Dr. Thandava Murthy, Dean and Psychologist in the Auditorium on 02.02.2021. By conducting different activities, Dr. Thandava Murthy, exhibited the power of mind. He said mind is a white paper, whatever you write, it will appear on it. We should control our mind, not letting the mind to control us. Then our success will be a phenomenon. Training the mind is very important. The students responded positively by participating in the activities. Seen in the picture : Smt. Sunitha M G, Commerce Co-ordinator, Smt. Manjula B U, Science Co-ordinator, Smt. N S Kusuma, Principal, Dr. Thandava Murthy, Dean & Psychologist.